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Welcome! This website is a blog supposedly, rating and reviewing books and film because we sometimes read and watch things. It is not very serious, pretty chill and we’ll see how it goes. It is mostly for fun and for ourselves but take a gander and comment on our posts. It will be the officially posting place for our reviews so even if you follow us on goodreads here and here, we’ll be posting our extensive reviews here from now on. This may also include other random articles or personal thoughts on books/shows that are not particularly reviews. Expect less book reviews during the academic season (when we have school) because we‘re just students.

Latest Blogs…

Marvel Madness and a Novel Multiverse Movie

What’s on at the theatres you ask? CGI superhero films and standalone science-fiction. We’ve got a Box office flop, a wild cosmic Marvel movie, and an unexpected comedic movie that was incredibly refreshing and enjoyable. Let’s jump in and break it down. Also, feel free […]

One thought on “Home

  1. Congratulations for the reviews. I like also the drawings. Very Cute!.
    I read Malibu Raising, it was very entertaining. I enjoyed the feeling of the sea and warm waves clashing at the shore. I love beaches, sun and sand…so very delightful to fed my imagination with the setting of the story. Despite there was a “slow part” when the father met his children, I love the ending. I totally identify with Nina. I wish I could do the same, but instead to scape to Madeira, Portugal run away to Spain. My dream Country to live for my retirement.
    Thank you for the well written reviews.
    Adriana Narvaez.

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